Sunday, January 4, 2009


Everyone in this world runs behind something either money, job, house, car, life partner, kids etc etc Finally end up celebrating the ocassion we longed for, each occasion has its own sweet memories which you may want to share it with your nears and dears, and for sharing you need an invitation to invite them. Some want their invitation to be simple, some like grand, some like colorful, some like fancy and it goes on....In this dot com era, we send e-invitations and ofcourse there are many websites offering their e-invitations. So we thought of providing unique cards which can be customized for your requirement, absolutely free... now start choosing your card and customize to make the special event more memorable. Finally thank you for your precious time in choosing our templates for your occasion.
Sample 001

Sample 002


  1. Greetings from Italy, good luck

    Hello, Marlow

  2. Thanks for the post. Wonderful samples. Do have more samples on wedding cards?

  3. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information. Through invitation card we can invite our relatives and this is necessary.

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